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Starrett - SR300 & SR400 Surface Roughness Testers

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Starrett - SR300 & SR400 Surface Roughness Testers

The Starrett SR300 Surface Roughness Tester is a full-featured, powerful and versatile surface roughness tester. It can be used either freestanding or bench mounted with fixturing for batch measurement and laboratory applications. Display & Traverse unit; Pick-up & Diamond Stylus; Calibration Std; Manual; and Case. 17.5mm travel, 200um range, 10nm resolution, Standard Parameter Set (ISO 4287, ASME, JIS)

  • Large screen display
  •  Unique stylus lift mechanism for total flexibility
  •  Many application specific parameter options
  •  Comprehensive selection optional accessories and pickups
  •  Long traverse length and extended pickup reach
  •  Stores of up to 100 readings

Also known as a profilometer

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Item No. Models Our Price QTY
SR300 SR300 $3,521.00
SR400 SR400 $4,556.00

Technical Specs:

  • Accuracy (in): 2% of reading + LSD µm
  •  Cutoff Lengths: 0.01, 0.03, 0.3" / 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8mm
  •  Filter: 2CR or gaussian (selectable)
  •  Measuring Range: 200/100/10µm
  •  Pick-up Stylus: Inductive
  •  Roughness Parameter: Ra, Rz, Rt, Rp, Rmr, Rpc, Rsm, Rz1max, Rsk, Rda
  •  Tracer Tip: Diamond stylus Tip radius 200µ" / 5µm unless otherwise specified
  •  Tracing Length: 0.01-0.49" / 0.25-12.5mm
  •  Tracing Speed: 0.04"/sec, 1mm/sec