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Item #: 777.1XFLZ

Starrett - Electronic Bench Micrometer - 0-1" - w/ Output - 777.1XFLZ

Manufacturer: Starrett
starting at $1,272.00

777 Electronic Bench Micrometers (with output) - 0-1"/0-25MM

The 777 Electronic Bench Micrometer is especially suited for precision measurements where the work must be brought to the gage.

  • Work is staged between the anvil and spindle on an adjustable table, which can be raised to a selected height and locked in position by turning a knurled thumb screw on back of the base.
  • Made of cast iron with black wrinkle finish, the base is heavily proportioned to sustain gage accuracy and assure stability in use. It stands on three machined pads.


  • Works well with Starrett Datasure Wireless Data Collection Systems
  •  Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle
  •  Large, easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD digital readout
  •  Conventional inch or millimeter graduations standard
  •  No-glare black wrinkle finish
  •  Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking
  •  Smooth friction thimble for uniform pressure
  •  Spindle and anvil are carbide faced
  •  One 3-volt battery for over one year of normal usage
  •  Auto-Off after 30 minutes
  •  ME millimeter models turn on in millimeter mode after battery installation
  •  Measurement HOLD button
  •  Ability to zero tool at any position as well as retain and return to the true zero reading of the micrometer
  •  PRESET button
  •  Minimum and maximum limits set
  •  RS232 data output port


  • Micrometer Type: Electronic Bench Micrometer
  •  Range (in): 0-1"
  •  Range (mm): 0-25mm
  •  Resolution (in): .00005"
  •  Resolution (mm): 0.001mm
  •  Anvil/Spindle Material: Carbide
  •  Anvil Type: Flat
  •  Spindle Type: Flat
  •  Lock Nut Type: Knurled Ring Type
  •  Thimble Type: Friction
  •  SPC Output: SPC Output