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Starrett - Granite Five Face V-Block

Starting at $3,171.00
  • V-Blocks are ideal for supporting or holding cylindrical pieces during manufacturing or inspection.
  • They are provided in matched pairs and have 5 finished faces.
  • V-blocks have a nominal 90-degree "V", centered with and parallel to the bottom and two sides and square to the ends.
  • Laboratory Grade AA (.000050" per 6")
  • Inspection Grade A (.000100" per 6")

Item No. Size (INCH) Grade Our Price QTY
G-81530 3x3x3 A (Inspection) $3,171.00
G-81531 4x4x4 A (Inspection) $3,220.00
G-81532 6x6x6 A (Inspection) $3,948.00
G-81536 9x9x9 A (Inspection) $7,115.00
G-81538 12x12x12 A (Inspection) $10,534.00
G-81533 3x3x3 AA (Laboratory) $3,558.00
G-81539 12x12x12 AA (Laboratory) $10,534.00
G-81537 9x9x9 AA (Laboratory) $7,883.00
G-81535 6x6x6 AA (Laboratory) $4,325.00
G-81534 4x4x4 AA (Laboratory) $3,608.00