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Starrett - 3753A  Electronic Depth Gage 6, 8, & 12" Models

Starrett - 3753A Electronic Depth Gage 6, 8, & 12" Models

Starting at $408.00

The 3753 is a light and easy to use for depth measurements within its range.

  • Linear accuracy: ±.001" (±0.03mm)
  • Resolution: .0005" (0.01mm)
  • Exclusive Starrett-designed microprocessor chip
  • Hardened stainless steel body and slide for long life
  • Fine adjustment thumb roll for precision measurements
  • Lock to hold the slide in position
  • Hardened base is 3-15/16" (99mm) long, but optional base extensions of 7" and 12" (175 and 300mm) are available. Spacing between holes is 2-3/4" (70mm).
  • A hook attachment is furnished with the gage, making it possible to take readings from the edge of a workpiece to edges of slots, grooves, shoulders, and other I.D. length dimensioning. The removable hook has the screw permanently attached to prevent loss.
  • One-year minimum battery life with furnished 3-volt battery, CR2032
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Item No. Range Our Price QTY
3753A-6/150 0 - 6" (3753A-6/150) $408.00
3753A-8/200 0 - 8" (3753A-8-200) $434.00
3753A-12/300 0 - 12" (3753A-12/300) $552.00


The Starrett 3753A Electronic Depth Gage is engineered for a high level of accuracy and long service life. Yet they are light and easy to use, with clear, easily-read numbers. This unit measures depths up to 6”, 8 & 12"

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