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Starrett - BLC Force Load Cells - for L1 Systems - S-Beam

Starting at $762.00
  • BLC load cell sensors are full-bridge, temperature compensated, strain gage instruments designed and optimized for basic force testing applications.
  • These S-beam sensors feature high axial stiffness and minimal deflection at full capacity which leads to improved measurement accuracy.
  • The BLC sensors are general purpose sensors available in capacities from 2lbf to 500lbf (10 to 2500N).
  • These sensors are used exclusively with FMM Test Frames
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Item No. Load Capacity Our Price QTY
BLC-2 2lbf $762.00
BLC-5 5lbf $762.00
BLC-10 10lbf $762.00
BLC-20 20lbf $762.00
BLC-50 50lbf $762.00
BLC-100 110lbf $762.00
BLC-200 225lbf $820.00
BLC-500 550lbf $820.00


BLC Load Cells

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