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 Thread P.D. Charts            ANSI Thread Designations              Classes of Thread Fit         Thread Go/NoGo Basics        


Gagemakers Tolerance Chart        Decimal Conversion               Metric Conversion                  GD&T Symbols  


Conversion Calculators

Inch / Metric Calculator

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Mils to Inches Calculator

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Manufacturer Catalogs

ALAMEDA - Thread Plug & Ring Gages


BROWN & SHARPE / TESA - Full Line Catalog  | TESA- HITE Height Gages MICRO-HITE Height Gages


CHATILLON (division of Ametek) - Force Measurement Instruments

DELTRONIC - Individual "X" Plug Gages and Sets


DIATEST - Split Ball Bore Gages  |  BMD Bore Gages  |  Gear Gages


DIGI-PAS - Digital Levels  |  DWL Series Digital Levels


DORSEY METROLOGY - Precision Measuring Instruments  |  Large Diameter Gages  |  Optical Comparators


DINO-LITE - Digital Microscopes

DYER GAGE - Precision Gages

EXTECH - Multimeters, Thermometers, Tachometers

FLEXBAR - Catalog 217  |  Reprorubber Brochure



        Hand Tools Catalog  |  Highly Engineered Systems  


CMM's, Vison & Optical Systems  |  Trimos Height Gages  | LabConcept Measurement


GLASTONBURY SOUTHERN GAGE - Plug, Ring & Chamfer Gages, Surveillance Masters, & Tri-Roll Gages


GRADIENT LENS - Borescopes

HEIDENHAIN - Length Gages

HEXAGON (Brown & Sharpe, Tesa) - Precision Measuring Instruments

INSIZE - Precision Measuring Instruments

JERGENS - Master Product Catalog

MAHR - Full Line Catalog

MarCom Software Download Link

Marcom Software Download & Installation Guide

Marcom Software Operating Manual 5.2

MARK-10 - Force & Torque Measurement Grips & Attachments


MARPOSS -  Full Line Catalog  |  Manual Gaging Quick Guide


MEIJI TECHNO - EM Series Stereo Microscopes

METLOGIX -  MX100 Digital Readouts  |   MX200 Digital Readouts


MEYER GAGE - Plain Pin Gages

MITUTOYO - US Catalog No. 1005

 - Product Literature & Brochures - Complete List

 - Product Fundamentals - Gage Basics

 - User Manuals

 - Parts List Finder by Part Number

MOTIC - Moticam Series  |  Moticam BTX8 Tablets


MUELLER GAGE - Precision Dimensional Inspection Gages

NAVITAR - Projection Optics

OASIS INSPECTION SYSTEMS - Precision Optical Measurement

ONO SOKKI - Rotation, Speed, Torque, Sound & Vibration Measurement

Phillips Precision - CMM Fixturing

RENISHAW - Catalog Issue 23  

REX GAGE - Quality Durometers


STARRETT - Catalog 33  |  Force Measurement  | Gage Blocks  |  Optical & Vision Systems


Suburban Tool -   Product Catalog


TECHNIQUIP - Precision Lighting Solutions

TESA - TESA-HITE Height Gages  |  MICRO-HITE Height Gages


TOHNICHI - Professional Torque Products

UNIVERSAL PUNCH - Concentricity Gaging

VAN KUEREN - Precision Testing & Measuring Tools

VERMONT GAGE - Plain and Threaded Plug and Ring Gages

Vision Engineering - Mantis Stereo Microscopes  |  Swift Pro Optical & Video Measuring System