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Starrett - Small Hole Bore Gage Set - (.125-.500") - S829EZ

Starrett - Small Hole Bore Gage Set - (.125-.500") - S829EZ

Starting at $236.00
  • These small hole gages are well balanced tools that are ideal for accurately measuring small holes, slots, grooves, and recesses in all kinds of work.
  • Set of four (4) included
  • Hardened-ball measuring surface with two-point contact
  • Radius on each gage is less than the minimum diameter to be measured, which provides the two-point contact necessary for maximum accuracy
  • Smooth, sensitive adjustment for better feel, giving more accurate measurements
  • The adjustment of the gage beyond their range is restricted by a safety stop that prevents breakage
  • Accurate measurements are obtained by slightly "rocking" these gages in the hole to be measured. This will guarantee contact at the true diameter.
  • The final size is then obtained by measuring over the ball contacts with a micrometer


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S829EZ $236.00