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Mahr - Precimar Precision Length Measuring Machine - 828 CiM 1000

Mahr - Precimar Precision Length Measuring Machine - 828 CiM 1000

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  • The 828 CiM precision length measuring machine is an Abbe compliant comparator mounted on highly homogeneous rigid granite in a horizontal configuration
  • Electronically controlled measuring force generation
  • Motorized measuring spindle control with joystick and automatic contacting
  • Air bearings for smooth positioning of measuring slide and counter bearing
  • Sensitive adjustment in 5 axes, and object table with a loading capacity of 25 kg
  • Motorized object table height adjustment via joystick or CNC
  • Maximum measuring accuracy
  • Fast and reliable measurement
  • Exceptionally low length measuring uncertainty for precision parts and gage monitoring
  • Compliant with Ernst Abbe‘s comparator principle
  • Online temperature monitoring
  • Software-supported measuring force generation, especially advantageous for thin-walled workpieces and gages
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  • Semi-automatic bore and inner thread measurement
  • Measuring and evaluation software runs under MS Windows, 828 WIN
  • Patented measuring procedure
  • Aerostatic guides for all slides mounted on the machine bed ensure extremely low measuring uncertainties
  • Movable measuring spindle mount via a spring parallelogram free from play and friction
  • Electronic measuring force adjustment and automatic contacting
  • largely eliminating subjective influences and avoiding unintended collisions with the test piece