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Mahr - Precimar Length Measuring Instrument - LINEAR-100

Mahr - Precimar Length Measuring Instrument - LINEAR-100

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  • The LINEAR 100 is a universal, easy to operate length measuring instrument for quick and precise outside and inside measurements up to 100 mm, directly on the production line.
  • The simple design of the instrument speeds up the measurement process and makes it quick and easy to adapt to new measuring tasks.
  • Cushioned measuring spindle with 2 pre-selectable measuring forces
  • Constant measuring force over the entire measuring range
  • Complies with Ernst Abbe‘s comparator principle for outer measurements
  • Infinitely adjustable measuring table height for accurate adjustment of measuring positions
  • Combined outer/inner measurement possible without the need for recalibration
  • Easy change measuring anvils can be selected to match specific measuring tasks
  • Sturdy cast body to eliminate stresses and bending errors
  • Height adjustable support tables for inner and outer measurements
  • MarCheck measurement display (with optional stand): including 2 channels, USB connection for printer or stick, USB connection for PC, and RS 232 interface for easy transfer of measured values to PCs
  • Measured values can be transferred to all MSWindows ® programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel ®) via the
    MarCom software (optional)
  • Various accessories available upon request
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