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Mahr - Precimar Linear Series Setting Instrument

Mahr - Precimar Linear Series Setting Instrument

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  • LINEAR length measuring instruments from Mahr are ideal for use as a setting and adjusting instrument close to the production area.
  • They offer precision setting of inside and outside comparative measuring instruments, inside micrometers, 2 point bore gages, dial comparator snap gages and many other measuring instruments.
  • As an infinitely adjustable dimensional standard, the LINEAR is a cost effective alternative to setting gages, adjustment rings and gage blocks.
  • Key advantages include the ease of handling, short set-up time and ability to set any dimension
  • A switchable measuring force regulator, for both outside and inside measurements, delivers user independent measuring results.
  • The base bar is made from steel, providing the same thermal behavior as the setting and measuring objects
  • Precision ground and lapped guide rail, non-rusting
  • Glued on steel scale
  • Easy to operate
  • Precision adjustable to 1/10 μm
  • Measured values displayed with MarCheck
  • Display unit with extensive measuring functions, USB connection for printer or stick and USB connection and RS 232 interface for transfer to PC
  • Factory calibration or DAkkS/DKD calibration can be additionally offered for this measuring station.
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