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JO-PLUG® - Tapped Hole Location Gages

JO-PLUG® - Tapped Hole Location Gages

Starting at $106.00
  •  Precision JO-PLUGS® are designed to determine Basic Position and Basic Profile of threaded holes. 
  • The location and orientation of tapped holes is derived using the pitch cylinder axis of the threaded hole in accordance to ANSI/ASME Y14.5 M – 2015. 
  • Standard Shaft Length: .625"
  • Standard Shaft Diameter: .200" (+- .0001")
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Item No. THREAD SIZE Our Price QTY
SPE0080JP 0-80UNF $256.00
SPE0164JP 1-64UNC $288.00
SPE0172JP 1-72UNF $290.00
SPE0256JP 2-56UNC $188.00
SPE0264JP 2-64UNF $278.00
SPE0348JP 3-48UNC $280.00
SPE0356JP 3-56UNF $282.00
SPE0440JP 4-40UNC $116.00
SPE0448JP 4-48UNF $142.00
SPE0540JP 5-40UNC $144.00
SPE0544JP 5-44UNF $146.00
SPE0632JP 6-32UNC $106.00
SPE0640JP 6-40UNF $142.00
SPE0832JP 8-32UNC $106.00
SPE0836JP 8-36UNF $140.00
SPE1024JP 10-24UNC $112.00
SPE1032JP 10-32UNF $106.00
SPE1224JP 12-24UNC $144.00
SPE1228JP 12-28UNF $142.00
SPE1420JP 1/4-20UNC $112.00
SPE1428JP 1/4-28UNF $110.00
SPE5618JP 5/16-18UNC $116.00
SPE5624JP 5/16-24UNF $114.00
SPE3816JP 3/8-16UNC $116.00
SPE3824JP 3/8- 24UNF $120.00
SPE7614JP 7/16-14UNC $122.00
SPE7620JP 7/16-20UNF $120.00
SPE1213JP 1/2-13UNC $126.00
SPE1220JP 1/2-20UNF $124.00
SPE9612JP 9/16-12UNC $152.00
SPE9618JP 9/16-18UNF $150.00
SPE5811JP 5/8-11UNC $142.00
SPE5818JP 5/8-18UNF $140.00
SPE3410JP 3/4-10UNC $152.00
SPE3416JP 3/4-16UNF $150.00
SPE7809JP 7/8-9UNC $186.00
SPE7814JP 7/8-14UNF $184.00
SPE1008JP 1"-8UNC $212.00
SPE1014JP 1"-14UNS $208.00


  • Pitch diameter is coaxial to the cylinder portion of the gage, which projects a greater cylindrical tolerance zone than any other standard center-line locator on the market.
  • Pitch diameters are calibrated, (front and back), using the universal three-wire method.
  • Standard gaging diameter is .200 (+/-.0001)
  • Concentricity between gaging diameter and pitch diameter of thread is within .00015 T.I.R.
  • Squareness of lapped seating surface to axis is within .0001
  • Significant is the solid thread form with a pitch diameter that is calibrated, front and back, using the universal three-wire method. 
  • The JO-PLUG® centerline location plug pitch diameter cylinder is coaxial to the cylindrical “stem” of the gage, establishing a parallel datum axis within which MMC is established. 
  • Basic Position and Basic Profile dimensions, which define the orientation and location of the related tolerance zones, are established using CMM or Laser Tracker software. 
  • True position of the tapped hole, as well as perpendicularity and projected tolerance zone of the threaded hole is established.

JO-PLUGS® are threaded and inspected in accordance with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005, which meets the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. This laboratory also meets the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and any additional requirements in the field of calibration.