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Hemco - CHROME Pin Gages - Z, Y, X, XX Classes (Metric)

Hemco - CHROME Pin Gages - Z, Y, X, XX Classes (Metric)

Starting at $31.00

Gages Conform to ANSI, Mil & AGD Standards

  • Unilateral Tolerance Go Plus / NoGo Minus
  • Class Tolerances .020"/.825" (.508-20.9mm)
  • XX .000020"/(0005mm)
  • X .000040"/(001mm)
  • Y .000070/(00178)
  • Z .000100" (.0025mm)
  • Class Tolerances .826 thru 1.010 (20.9-27.94mm)
  • XX .000030"/(.00076)
  • X .000060"/(.0015)
  • Y .000090/(.0022)
  • Z .000130"/(.0033)
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Size Range:
Tolerance Direction :
Item No. Size Range Class Tolerance Direction Our Price QTY
HMXX0.70-1.91G 0.70-1.91mm XX Plus (Go) $57.00
HMXX1.92-4.57G 1.92-4.57mm XX Plus (Go) $60.00
HMXX4.57-7.14G 4.57-7.14mm XX Plus (Go) $64.00
HMXX7.14-10.31G 7.14-10.31mm XX Plus (Go) $68.00
HMXX10.31-12.95G 10.31-12.95mm XX Plus (Go) $73.00
HMXX12.95-16.13G 12.95-16.13mm XX Plus (Go) $78.00
HMXX16.13-19.30G 16.13-19.30mm XX Plus (Go) $83.00
HMXX19.30-25.65G 19.30-25.65mm XX Plus (Go) $132.00
HMXX0.70-1.91NG 0.70-1.91mm XX Minus (NoGo) $57.00
HMXX1.92-4.57NG 1.92-4.57mm XX Minus (NoGo) $60.00
HMXX4.57-7.14NG 4.57-7.14mm XX Minus (NoGo) $64.00
HMXX7.14-10.31NG 7.14-10.31mm XX Minus (NoGo) $68.00
HMXX10.31-12.95NG 10.31-12.95mm XX Minus (NoGo) $73.00
HMXX12.95-16.13NG 12.95-16.13mm XX Minus (NoGo) $78.00
HMXX16.13-19.30NG 16.13-19.30mm XX Minus (NoGo) $83.00
HMXX19.30-25.65NG 19.30-25.65mm XX Minus (NoGo) $132.00
HMX0.70-1.91G 0.70-1.91mm X Plus (Go) $38.00
HMX1.92-4.57G 1.92-4.57mm X Plus (Go) $40.00
HMX4.57-7.14G 4.57-7.14mm X Plus (Go) $40.00
HMX7.14-10.31G 7.14-10.31mm X Plus (Go) $47.00
HMX10.31-12.95G 10.31-12.95mm X Plus (Go) $50.00
HMX12.95-16.13G 12.95-16.13mm X Plus (Go) $53.00
HMX16.13-19.30G 16.13-19.30mm X Plus (Go) $56.00
HMX19.30-25.65G 19.30-25.65mm X Plus (Go) $87.00
HMX0.70-1.91NG 0.70-1.91mm X Minus (NoGo) $38.00
HMX1.92-4.57NG 1.92-4.57mm X Minus (NoGo) $40.00
HMX4.57-7.14NG 4.57-7.14mm X Minus (NoGo) $40.00
HMX7.14-10.31NG 7.14-10.31mm X Minus (NoGo) $47.00
HMX10.31-12.95NG 10.31-12.95mm X Minus (NoGo) $50.00
HMX12.95-16.13NG 12.95-16.13mm X Minus (NoGo) $53.00
HMX16.13-19.30NG 16.13-19.30mm X Minus (NoGo) $56.00
HMX19.30-25.65NG 19.30-25.65mm X Minus (NoGo) $87.00
HMY0.70-1.91G 0.70-1.91mm Y Plus (Go) $31.00
HMY1.92-4.57G 1.92-4.57mm Y Plus (Go) $31.00
HMY4.57-7.14G 4.57-7.14mm Y Plus (Go) $32.00
HMY7.14-10.31G 7.14-10.31mm Y Plus (Go) $35.00
HMY10.31-12.95G 10.31-12.95mm Y Plus (Go) $36.00
HMY12.95-16.13G 12.95-16.13mm Y Plus (Go) $39.00
HMY16.13-19.30G 16.13-19.30mm Y Plus (Go) $43.00
HMY19.30-25.65G 19.30-25.65mm Y Plus (Go) $65.00
HMY0.70-1.91NG 0.70-1.91mm Y Minus (NoGo) $31.00
HMY1.92-4.57NG 1.92-4.57mm Y Minus (NoGo) $31.00
HMY4.57-7.14NG 4.57-7.14mm Y Minus (NoGo) $32.00
HMY7.14-10.31NG 7.14-10.31mm Y Minus (NoGo) $35.00
HMY10.31-12.95NG 10.31-12.95mm Y Minus (NoGo) $36.00
HMY12.95-16.13NG 12.95-16.13mm Y Minus (NoGo) $39.00
HMY16.13-19.30NG 16.13-19.30mm Y Minus (NoGo) $43.00
HMY19.30-25.65NG 19.30-25.65mm Y Minus (NoGo) $65.00
HMZ0.70-1.91G 0.70-1.91mm Z Plus (Go) $31.00
HMZ1.92-4.57G 1.92-4.57mm Z Plus (Go) $31.00
HMZ4.57-7.14G 4.57-7.14mm Z Plus (Go) $32.00
HMZ7.14-10.31G 7.14-10.31mm Z Plus (Go) $35.00
HMZ10.31-12.95G 10.31-12.95mm Z Plus (Go) $36.00
HMZ12.95-16.13G 12.95-16.13mm Z Plus (Go) $39.00
HMZ16.13-19.30G 16.13-19.30mm Z Plus (Go) $43.00
HMZ19.30-25.65G 19.30-25.65mm Z Plus (Go) $65.00
HMZ0.70-1.91NG 0.70-1.91mm Z Minus (NoGo) $31.00
HMZ1.92-4.57NG 1.92-4.57mm Z Minus (NoGo) $31.00
HMZ4.57-7.14NG 4.57-7.14mm Z Minus (NoGo) $32.00
HMZ7.14-10.31NG 7.14-10.31mm Z Minus (NoGo) $35.00
HMZ10.31-12.95NG 10.31-12.95mm Z Minus (NoGo) $36.00
HMZ12.95-16.13NG 12.95-16.13mm Z Minus (NoGo) $39.00
HMZ16.13-19.30NG 16.13-19.30mm Z Minus (NoGo) $43.00
HMZ19.30-25.65NG 19.30-25.65mm Z Minus (NoGo) $65.00