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Item #: M-LCD-200S-H

Video LCD Zoom Microscope with Track Stand - M-LCD-200S-H

Manufacturer: View Solutions
starting at $1,950.00

Ideal for group viewing, the LCD Microscope resolves viewing fatigue over long periods of time

  • You can now inspect samples with a bright, high definition monitor instead of traditional eye tubes.
  • Its all-in-one design features sharp, high quality images that can be seen directly on the microscope monitor or connected to an external monitor or computer screen.
  • Integrating the innovative designs of modern optical, mechanical, and electrical technologies, the LCD Video Microscope will help you in your scientific explorations!
  • MV02010201

Monitor Features:

  • Resolution 10.4" - 1024 x 768
  • Dot Pitch 0.297mm
  • Contrast 300:1
  • Response Time <25ms
  • Brightness 250cd/m²
  • Controls Intelligent screen image setting, contrast, brightness
  • Power supply Universal 85 ~ 265vac, 50/60Hz


  • Magnification With Supplementary Lenses 4.6x ~ 198.1x
  • Zoom Body 0.7x ~ 4.5x, with detents
  • 1x Objective Lens Included:
  • Magnification Range: 16.8X - 112.5X
  • Field of View: 17.2 - 2.6mm
  • Working Distance: 97.3mm
  • Optional Objectives: 0.3x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2x
  • Track Stand with single focus knob
  • Dual Video Output, Composite (TV) Video and S-Video simultaneously.