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Taft Peirce - Steel V-Blocks

Taft Peirce - Steel V-Blocks

Starting at $391.00
  • Made of high-quality, heat treated alloy steel.
  • All sizes available in pairs matched within 0.0003" and numbered for identification.
  • Each v-block comes with a reversible steel clamp and two clamping screws.
  • On model numbers 9129 and 9130 clamps can be swung aside or slipped off to speed insertion and removal of work.
  • Designed so that vee blocks can lie on side or end without interference from clamp or screws.
  • On model 9128 clamps have through holes only.
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Item No. Item No. (see table below for details) Our Price QTY
9128 9128 $391.00
9128-M 9128-M (Pair) $644.00
9129 9129 $612.00
9129-M 9129-M (Pair) $1,014.00
9130 9130 $813.00
9130-M 9130-M (Pair) $1,358.00