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Sunnen - PGE-6000 Precision Electronic Bore Gage System - .375 - 1.500" - NEW!

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  • Sunnen’s new electronically amplified comparative PGE-6000 Bore Gaging System beats old-style mechanical gages in every respect.
  • Its simplified design, coupled with a sophisticated electronic package, makes it the most versatile bore gaging system on the market.
  • This system measures in both inches and millimeters.
  • The new PGE-6000 features a menu-driven operator interface. Its potential is almost unlimited. You are free to “customize” its usage according to your own preference and choose what you want to display and how you want to display it.
  • The new PGE-6000 electronic gaging system knows no rival for accuracy, reliability, versatility, simplicity and economy.
  • The PGE-6000 is compatible with SPC software, allowing fast and easy data collection. The rear panel provides easy interface to a PC and includes two external probe ports.
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