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PG-700E - Small Bore Precision Gage - .090" - .379" Range

PG-700E - Small Bore Precision Gage - .090" - .379" Range

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  • Direct reading scale with (.005") range divided into increments of (.00005").
  • Order PG-700EM for metric applications.
  • Weight: 9,3 kg (20.5 lbs.)
  • Dimensions (without fingers): (10.5" H x 7.75" W x 6.5" D)
  • *Covered with complete set of gaging fingers. Individual finger sets can be ordered for specific sizes.
  • Order individual finger sets from the complete list at right.
  • Instant setup for any size bore
  • No master rings or plug gages to buy
  • No power source needed - completely portable
  • Stays set and repeats within .000010” (0,00025 mm)
  • Rugged, reliable tool for the shop floor or QC department
  • Easy to set and easy to use

These Gages are made to order.  Please allow 4 weeks to ship after receipt of order.

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Gaging Fingers for PG-700 or PG-710 Precision Gage

  • To order individual finger pairs, consult the table below for size ranges and part numbers.
  • Each pair of gaging fingers is stamped with its size range and comes nested in an impact-resistant box.