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Ono Sokki - (New!) Dual Type Tachometer - w/ Analog & Pulse Output - HT-5500

Starting at $835.00

HT-5500 is a handheld digital tachometer with high performance and pioneering technology along with a sophisticated body.

  • It can be operated easily as both a contact and non-contact type digital tachometer, in which various rotation measurement technologies are used.
  • Various measurement parameters such as rotation (r/min, r/s), accumulated rotation (count), line speed (m/min: contact and non-contact, mm/s: contact) and period (ms) can be measured.
  • Both the analog signal output and pulse signal output are available as standard.
  • Analog signal is used for recording the rotational data at data recorder etc.
  • Pulse signal is used as external sampling signal at FFT analyzer for tracking analysis.
  • Wide measurement range with high technical functions from 6.0 r/min (low-speed rotation) to 99999 r/min (high-speed rotation) is provided. 
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HT-5500 $835.00


  • Measurement range from 6.0 r/min (low-speed rotation) to 99999 r/min (high-speed rotation)
  • Built-in memory function - 20 data (MAX) can be saved to memory.
  • Line speed measurement is possible by setting the diameter of rotational object.(Circumferential ring such as KS-100/KS-200 should be attached at HT-5500 when it is contact measurement.)
  • Accumulating rotation can be measured. (1 pulse/rotation by contact measurement. 1 count/1 reflection mark to 9999 is possible by non-contact measurement
  • Analog output 0 to 1 V/0 to F.S. (Full scale can be set arbitrarily), 10-bit D/A conversion
  • Pulse output Hi level = At least +4.5 V, Lo level = Up to +0.5 V
  • Can be used by AC power supply. (Optional AC adapter PB-7080 is required.)
  • Hold function of Max. and Min. values of rotation, period and line speed.