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Ono Sokki - Contact Type Tachometer - HT-3200

Ono Sokki - Contact Type Tachometer - HT-3200

Starting at $330.00

Replacement and upgrade for the popular HT-3100 (discontinued)

  • "Capable of measurement from a low speed at 0.5 r/min (when low range selection) up to a high speed at 10,000 r/min (when high range selection).
  • "A large-size display (10.5-mm character height) is incorporated into this compact, lightweight tachometer.
  • "Built-in memory function confirms your measurements
  • "Has the ability to measure tangential speeds, replacing the contact tip with available circumferential rings.
  • "Built in a storage space to keep accessories.
  • "The last measurement value continues to be displayed for approximately 30 seconds even after the power has been switched off.
  • "Battery replacement indicator alerts you.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Range 1.5 - 10,000 rpm
  • Data Hold function: Measured value is held on the display (1 minute)
  • High Accuracy of + / - 0.1 rpm
  • Display LCD 5 digit Display
  • Power Three type AAA batteries
  • Battery life provide 50 hrs. of continuous use.
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HT-3200 $330.00


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Technical Specs:

Measurement method contact method using r/min measurement contact tip
Measurement range (r/min) low mode 1.5 to 2000.0 r/min
high mode 15 to 10000 r/min
Measurement range (speed) low mode 0.15 to 200.00 m/min 
with KS-200 circumferential ring
high mode 1.5 to 1000.0 mm/s
with KS-200 circumferential ring
Measurement accuracy (r/min) low mode ±0.1 r/min (1.5 to 1249.9 r/min)
±0.2 r/min (1250.0 to 2000.0 r/min)
high mode ±0.1 r/min (15 to 10000 r/min)
Display type LCD, 5-digit
Data holding function for 1 minute after completion of measurement
Power/Battery life 3 type AAA batteries / approx. 50 hrs
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C
Outer dimensions 171.5(W) x 38(H) x 60 (D) mm
Weight approx. 200 g