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Meyer - MG-25 Plug Gage Sets - Class "X" - 25 Piece in .01mm Increments - (Metric)

Starting at $213.00
  • Each set contains 25 pieces of Class X tolerance (.00004”) gage pins.
  • Traceable to NIST
  • Choice of two tolerances: Plus (+.00004”) or Minus (-.00004”)
  • Sets consist of a center nominal size, and 12 gages larger in .0001” steps and 12 gages smaller in .0001” steps. Metric sets available in 0.01mm increments.
  • Each gage is inspected and has a 2 microfinish or better.
  • Heat treated and through hardened to 60-62 Rockwell C
  • All pin gages over .060” or 1.51 mm are laser marked with size direction of tolerance and serial number for traceability.
Enter NOMINAL (center) Pin Size (4 digit number with decimal):
Tolerance Direction :
Item Size Range Tolerance Direction Our Price QTY
MG1-25 0.28mm - 1.54mm Plus $427.00
MG2-25 1.55mm - 6.37mm Plus $213.00
MG3-25 6.38mm - 12.72mm Plus $245.00
MG4-25 12.73mm - 19.04mm Plus $338.00
MG5-25 19.05mm - 20.64mm Plus $473.00
MG1-25 0.28mm - 1.54mm Minus $427.00
MG2-25 1.55mm - 6.37mm Minus $213.00
MG3-25 6.38mm - 12.72mm Minus $245.00
MG4-25 12.73mm - 19.04mm Minus $338.00
MG5-25 19.05mm - 20.64mm Minus $473.00


  • Used as masters to calibrate measuring equipment and check linearity of comparators, micrometers, and calipers.
  • These ‘Tenth Step” gage sets have unlimited applications, such as quality control inspection, prototype work and production layout.
  • Inspectors select from the range of pins to find the size of a hole or slot.
  • These round masters simulate a cylindrical part which, unlike flat blocks, can detect uneven wear on the tips of micrometers and calipers.
  • The thin “line” of contact detects uneven face wear better than flat gage blocks with large contact area.