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Meyer - MG-25 Plug Gage Sets - Class "X" - 25 Piece - .01mm Increments - (Metric)

Meyer - MG-25 Plug Gage Sets - Class "X" - 25 Piece - .01mm Increments - (Metric)

Starting at $235.00
  • Each set contains 25 pieces of Class X tolerance (.00004”) gage pins.
  • Traceable to NIST
  • Choice of two tolerances: Plus (+.00004”) or Minus (-.00004”)
  • Sets consist of a center nominal size, and 12 gages larger in .0001” steps and 12 gages smaller in .0001” steps. Metric sets available in 0.01mm increments.
  • Each gage is inspected and has a 2 microfinish or better.
  • Heat treated and through hardened to 60-62 Rockwell C
  • All pin gages over .060” or 1.51 mm are laser marked with size direction of tolerance and serial number for traceability.
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Item No. Size Range Tolerance Direction Our Price QTY
MG1-25PMETRIC 0.28mm - 1.54mm Plus $470.00
MG1-25MMETRIC 0.28mm - 1.54mm Minus $470.00
MG2-25PMETRIC 1.55mm - 6.37mm Plus $235.00
MG2-25MMETRIC 1.55mm - 6.37mm Minus $235.00
MG3-25PMETRIC 6.38mm - 12.72mm Plus $270.00
MG3-25MMETRIC 6.38mm - 12.72mm Minus $270.00
MG4-25PMETRIC 12.73mm - 19.04mm Plus $375.00
MG4-25MMETRIC 12.73mm - 19.04mm Minus $373.00
MG5-25PMETRIC 19.05mm - 20.64mm Plus $520.00
MG5-25MMETRIC 19.05mm - 20.64mm Minus $520.00


  • Used as masters to calibrate measuring equipment and check linearity of comparators, micrometers, and calipers.
  • These ‘Tenth Step” gage sets have unlimited applications, such as quality control inspection, prototype work and production layout.
  • Inspectors select from the range of pins to find the size of a hole or slot.
  • These round masters simulate a cylindrical part which, unlike flat blocks, can detect uneven wear on the tips of micrometers and calipers.
  • The thin “line” of contact detects uneven face wear better than flat gage blocks with large contact area.