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Meyer - Class Z Steel Pin Gages - in .02mm Increments - .0025mm Tolerance - (Metric)

Meyer - Class Z Steel Pin Gages - in .02mm Increments - .0025mm Tolerance - (Metric)

Starting at $7.00
  • Individual Gages Available in .02mm Increments
  • Tolerance of .00254mm and a roundness limit of .00127mm
  • Material 52100 Bearing Steel
  • Heat treated to a Rockwell C Hardness 60-62
  • All pins are 50mm long
  • A MINIMUM of $20.00 gage order is required for Z Pins
  • All pins over 1.5mm are laser marked with: Size, Direction of Tolerance, Serial numbers for traceability.
  • For help choosing a gage tolerance Click HERE
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Pin Gage Size (use decimal with up to 2 digits after):
Tolerance Direction:
Item No. Pin Size Range Tolerance Direction Material Our Price QTY
MYZ[.22-1.51]PM .22mm - 1.51mm Plus (Go) Steel $7.00
MYZ[.22-1.51]MM .22mm - 1.51mm Minus (No Go) Steel $7.00
MYZ[1.52-12.71]PM 1.52mm - 12.71mm Plus (Go) Steel $7.00
MYZ[1.52-12.71]MM 1.52mm - 12.71mm Minus (No Go) Steel $7.00
MYZ[12.72-15.31]PM 12.72mm - 15.31mm Plus (Go) Steel $8.00
MYZ[12.72-15.31]MM 12.72mm - 15.31mm Minus (No Go) Steel $8.00
MYZ[15.32-17.81]PM 15.32mm - 17.81mm Plus (Go) Steel $13.00
MYZ[5.32-17.81]MM 15.32mm - 17.81mm Minus (No Go) Steel $13.00
MYZ[17.82-20.37]PM 17.82mm - 20.37mm Plus (Go) Steel $15.00
MYZ[17.82-20.37]MM 17.82mm - 20.37mm Minus (No Go) Steel $15.00
MYZ[20.38-22.05]PM 20.38mm - 22.05mm Plus (Go) Steel $18.00
MYZ[20.38-22.05]MM 20.38mm - 22.05mm Minus (No Go) Steel $18.00
MYZ[22.06-23.73]PM 22.06mm - 23.73mm Plus (Go) Steel $20.00
MYZ[22.06-23.73]MM 22.06mm - 23.73mm Minus (No Go) Steel $20.00
MYZ[23.74-25.41]PM 23.74mm - 25.41mm Plus (Go) Steel $22.00
MYZ[23.74-25.41]MM 23.74mm - 25.41mm Minus (No Go) Steel $22.00