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Marposs - M3 Star™ Manual Snap Gauges

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M3Star is an ergonomic, high-precision snap gauge that combines high technology and high quality in a compact body only 10mm wide. Two models are available to handle diameters from 5mm to 30mm and 30mm to 70 mm.
The advanced design is easily re-tooled using only one hex wrench to position both the contacts and V-block. 
M3 Star™ manual snap gauges are designed to measure outside diameters located between walls on shaft-like parts like crankshafts, transmission shafts and camshafts.They are easily re-tooled to measure different workpieces with the same gauge and are available in mechanical, wired and wireless configurations to meet a broad range of measurement needs.M3 Star is supplied in the recommended configuration with the 20 mm thick “V” reference. 10mm and 14mm “V” references are also available for measurements in narrow spaces between shoulders.
The snap head can be combined with various handles and accessories

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