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Item #: SDN-

Dorsey - Dial Snap Gages - SDN Series

Manufacturer: Dorsey

Must Select: Range

Must Select: Indicator

Optional Items: Bench Stand

Optional Items: Lifting Lever

Optional Items: Optional Contact Travel

Optional Items: Optional Blade Anvils
starting at $698.00

Dorsey - Dial Snap Gages - SDN Series

This rugged snap gage features a precision box-way range adjustment channel to protect the anvil shafts and maximize frame


  • .090" gaging travel is standard, optional with .500".
  • Precision box-way slide allows 1" of range adjustment.
  • Rugged frame is machined from 5/8" thick aluminum jig plate.
  • 5/8" solid carbide lapped anvils with generous lead radius.
  • Anvils are flat and parallel within .00015" on frame sizes below 4", within
  • .0002" on 4"-8" frames, .00025" on 8-12" frames and within .0003" above 12".
  • Heat insulating impact resistant handles.
  • Adjustable nylon backstop protects parts.
  • Collet mounted indicator can be rotated to suit application.
  • May be used with any Dorsey "High Amplification", "Traditional", or digital indicator.