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Mahr - Air Gage Plugs, Rings, Etc...

Mahr - Air Gage Plugs, Rings, Etc...

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  • Air Gaging is the inspection tool that allows you to measure many jobs faster, more conveniently, and more accurately than by other gaging methods.
  • In the measurement of all hole conditions, air gaging is unsurpassed for speed and accuracy, while in checking any dimensional characteristic, air offers sufficient magnification and reliability to measure tolerances well beyond the scope of mechanical gages.
  • Production workers do not require special training to use air gages.
  • To check a hole, for instance, it is not necessary to develop skill in rocking the gage to find the true diameter, merely insert the air plug in the hole and read the meter. It is as simple as that.
  • Once the basic gage is purchased, additional tooling for a wide variety of jobs can be used with it. It is not necessary to buy a complete gage for each new dimension that requires checking.
  • Because of its adaptability, air gaging often becomes the primary measuring system in a complete quality control program.
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  • Air Plug Order Worksheet (for Plugs and Rings)
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