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GAR - Microfinish Comparator - S-22

Manufacturer: Gar
Item Number: S-22

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starting at $74.00

S-22 MICRO FINISH COMPARATOR is rectangular in shape (2" x 5 3/8")

  • Made of corrosion resistant electroformed nickel.
  • Twenty two replicated machined surface finish specimens, ranging from 2 to 500 micro inches.
  • Six different machining processes
  • Lapped
  • Ground
  • Blanchard Ground
  • Shape-Turned
  • Milled and Profiled
  • Supplied in a leatherette case with engineering data and instructions.S-22 is also available in metric with micrometer designations.Supplied with a Short Form Cert.


Individually serialized, calibrated and certified  Standards are available at an additional charge. Call 800-214-5990 for price.