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Dorsey - LDVA Series - ID/OD "Adjustable" Diameter & Depth Gage - CARBON FIBER

Starting at $1,354.00
  • The LDVA is similar to the LDA series gage, except that it offers adjustment in the vertical axis to accommodate depths up to 5".
  • Standard with part # 2DM125-05 .0005" graduation dial indicator.
  • 5" vertical adjustment on rests allows frame clearance from 1.25" min. to 5.87" max.
  • 5" vertical adjustment on gage heads.
  • Carbon Fiber Frame is approximately 50% lighter than steel
Item Range Contact Our Price QTY
LDVA-12-SP-CF 6-12"/150-300mm Steel Pin $1,354.00
LDVA-18-SP-CF 12-18"/301-460mm Steel Pin $1,363.00
LDVA-24-SP-CF 18-24"/461-610mm Steel Pin $1,388.00
LDVA-30-SP-CF 24-30"/611-760mm Steel Pin $1,420.00
LDVA-36-SP-CF 30-36"/761-915mm Steel Pin $1,478.00
LDVA-42-SP-CF 36-42"/916-1070mm Steel Pin $1,867.00
LDVA-48-SP-CF 42-48"/1071-1220mm Steel Pin $1,925.00
LDVA-54-SP-CF 48-54"/1221-1370mm Steel Pin $2,145.00
LDVA-60-SP-CF 54-60"/1371-1525mm Steel Pin $2,307.00
LDVA-12-CB-CF 6-12"/150-300mm Carbide Ball $1,354.00
LDVA-18-CB-CF 12-18"/301-460mm Carbide Ball $1,363.00
LDVA-24-CB-CF 18-24"/461-610mm Carbide Ball $1,388.00
LDVA-30-CB-CF 24-30"/611-760mm Carbide Ball $1,420.00
LDVA-36-CB-CF 30-36"/761-915mm Carbide Ball $1,480.00
LDVA-42-CB-CF 36-42"/916-1070mm Carbide Ball $1,867.00
LDVA-48-CB-CF 42-48"/1071-1220mm Carbide Ball $1,925.00
LDVA-54-CB-CF 48-54"/1221-1370mm Carbide Ball $2,145.00
LDVA-60-CB-CF 54-60"/1371-1525mm Carbide Ball $2,308.00
LDVA-12-SS-CF 6-12"/150-300mm Steel Shovel $1,380.00
LDVA-18-SS-CF 12-18"/301-460mm Steel Shovel $1,390.00
LDVA-24-SS-CF 18-24"/461-610mm Steel Shovel $1,390.00
LDVA-30-SS-CF 24-30"/611-760mm Steel Shovel $1,447.00
LDVA-36-SS-CF 30-36"/761-915mm Steel Shovel $1,504.00
LDVA-42-SS-CF 36-42"/916-1070mm Steel Shovel $1,894.00
LDVA-48-SS-CF 42-48"/1071-1220mm Steel Shovel $1,952.00
LDVA-54-SS-CF 48-54"/1221-1370mm Steel Shovel $2,150.00
LDVA-60-SS-CF 54-60"/1371-1525mm Steel Shovel $2,313.00
LDVA-12-CS-CF 6-12"/150-300mm Carbide Shovel $1,380.00
LDVA-18-CS-CG 12-18"/301-460mm Carbide Shovel $1,390.00
LDVA-24-CS-CF 18-24"/461-610mm Carbide Shovel $1,390.00
LDVA-30-CS-CF 24-30"/611-760mm Carbide Shovel $1,447.00
LDVA-36-CS-CF 30-36"/761-915mm Carbide Shovel $1,504.00
LDVA-42-CS-CF 36-42"/916-1070mm Carbide Shovel $1,894.00
LDVA-48-CS-CF 42-48"/1071-1220mm Carbide Shovel $1,952.00
LDVA-54-CS-CF 48-54"/1221-1370mm Carbide Shovel $2,150.00
LDVA-60-CS-CF 54-60"/1371-1525mm Carbide Shovel $2,313.00
LDVA-12-ES-CF 6-12"/150-300mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,490.00
LDVA-18-ES-CF 12-18"/301-460mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,500.00
LDVA-24-ES-CF 18-24"/461-610mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,524.00
LDVA-30-ES-CF 24-30"/611-760mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,557.00
LDVA-36-ES-CF 30-36"/761-915mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,557.00
LDVA-42-ES-CF 36-42"/916-1070mm Extended Carbide Shovel $2,112.00
LDVA-48-ES-CF 42-48"/1071-1220mm Extended Carbide Shovel $2,169.00
LDVA-54-ES-CF 48-54"/1221-1370mm Extended Carbide Shovel $2,282.00
LDVA-60-ES-CF 54-60"/1371-1525mm Extended Carbide Shovel $2,335.00


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