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Dorsey - LDF Series - ID/OD "Fixed" Steel Frame Gage

Starting at $1,020.00

The LDF Series production gages utilize fixed frames which are more rigid, lighter, and more compact than the LDA Series adjustable gages.  The LDF gages are normally used ofr tight tolerances and built to order based on application requirements.

  • Standard with part #2DM125-05 .0005" graduation dial indicator.
  • **LDF series requires a part print.
  • Available with ISO 17025 certification.
  • Standard gaging depth range is 0-1". Optional gaging depth of 2" - 5" is available.
  • Standard gaging contact travel is .100".
  • Standard LDF frame clearance is .75".
  • Three point hardened steel rests.
  • Indicator and housing rotate 360 degrees for best viewing angle.
  • LDF series requires a part print.
  • Available in Carbon Fiber - Approximately 50% lighter than steel
Item Range Contact Our Price QTY
LDF-12-SP 6-12"/150-300mm Steel Pin $1,020.00
LDF-18-SP 12-18"/301-460mm Steel Pin $1,025.00
LDF-24-SP 18-24"/461-610mm Steel Pin $1,030.00
LDF-30-SP 24-30"/611-760mm Steel Pin $1,037.00
LDF-36-SP 30-36"/761-915mm Steel Pin $1,069.00
LDF-42-SP 36-42"/916-1070mm Steel Pin $1,439.00
LDF-48-SP 42-48"/1071-1220mm Steel Pin $1,472.00
LDA-54-SP 48-54"/1221-1370mm Steel Pin $1,613.00
LDF-60-SP 54-60"/1371-1525mm Steel Pin $1,765.00
LDF-12-CB 6-12"/150-300mm Carbide Ball $1,020.00
LDF-18-CB 12-18"/301-460mm Carbide Ball $1,025.00
LDF-24-CB 18-24"/461-610mm Carbide Ball $1,030.00
LDF-30-CB 24-30"/611-760mm Carbide Ball $1,037.00
LDF-36-CB 30-36"/761-915mm Carbide Ball $1,069.00
LDF-42-CB 36-42"/916-1070mm Carbide Ball $1,439.00
LDF-48-CB 42-48"/1071-1220mm Carbide Ball $1,472.00
LDF-54-CB 48-54"/1221-1370mm Carbide Ball $1,613.00
LDF-60-CB 54-60"/1371-1525mm Carbide Ball $1,765.00
LDF-12-SS 6-12"/150-300mm Steel Shovel $1,047.00
LDF-18-SS 12-18"/301-460mm Steel Shovel $1,052.00
LDF-24-SS 18-24"/461-610mm Steel Shovel $1,058.00
LDF-30-SS 24-30"/611-760mm Steel Shovel $1,064.00
LDF-36-SS 30-36"/761-915mm Steel Shovel $1,096.00
LDF-42-SS 36-42"/916-1070mm Steel Shovel $1,465.00
LDF-48-SS 42-48"/1071-1220mm Steel Shovel $1,499.00
LDA-54-SS 48-54"/1221-1370mm Steel Shovel $1,618.00
LDF-60-SS 54-60"/1371-1525mm Steel Shovel $1,770.00
LDF-12-CS 6-12"/150-300mm Carbide Shovel $1,047.00
LDF-18-CS 12-18"/301-460mm Carbide Shovel $1,052.00
LDF24-CS 18-24"/461-610mm Carbide Shovel $1,058.00
LDF-30-CS 24-30"/611-760mm Carbide Shovel $1,064.00
LDF-36-CS 30-36"/761-915mm Carbide Shovel $1,096.00
LDF-42-CS 36-42"/916-1070mm Carbide Shovel $1,465.00
LDF-48-CS 42-48"/1071-1220mm Carbide Shovel $1,499.00
LDA-54-CS 48-54"/1221-1370mm Carbide Shovel $1,618.00
LDF-60-CS 54-60"/1371-1525mm Carbide Shovel $1,770.00
LDF-12-ES 6-12"/150-300mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,183.00
LDF-18-ES 12-18"/301-460mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,088.00
LDF-24-ES 18-24"/461-610mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,193.00
LDF-30-ES 24-30"/611-760mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,199.00
LDF-36-ES 30-36"/761-915mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,233.00
LDF-42-ES 36-42"/916-1070mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,634.00
LDF-48-ES 42-48"/1071-1220mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,711.00
LDF-54-ES 48-54"/1221-1370mm Extended Carbide Shovel $1,776.00
LDF-60-ES 54-60"/1371-1525mm Extended Carbide Shovel $2,037.00