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Dorsey - DBL Series Bore Gages

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  • Dorsey DBL self centralizing bore gages are ideal for toolroom and production applications.
  • Easy to use, easy to disassemble, and easy to clean.
  • Only 4 moving parts are used in this precision economical gage.
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Range (Inches):
Contact Material:
Item No. Range (Inches) Contact Material Our Price
DBL-248-S .248 - .501" Steel Call for Pricing
DBL-248-C .248 - .501" Carbide Call for Pricing
DBL-499-S .499 - 1.001" Steel Call for Pricing
DBL-499-C .499 - 1.001" Carbide Call for Pricing
DBL-998-S .998 - 1.501" Steel Call for Pricing
DBL-998-C .998 - 1.501" Carbide Call for Pricing
DBL-1499-S 1.499 - 3.00" Steel Call for Pricing
DBL-1499-C 1.499 - 3.00" Carbide Call for Pricing
DBL-300-S 3 - 6" Steel Call for Pricing
DBL-300-C 3 - 6" Carbide Call for Pricing
DBL-365-S .365 - .620" Steel Call for Pricing
DBL-620-S .620 - 1.001" Steel Call for Pricing
DBL-200-S 2 - 4" Steel Call for Pricing
DBL-400-S 4 - 10" Steel Call for Pricing


  • DBL bore gages are designed to be lightweight, versatile, accurate and are ideal for tool room and production applications.
  • The DBL series bore gages feature two point gaging and three point centralization.
  • The gaging contacts are diametrically opposed providing the most accurate reading of the bore.
  • The reference contact accepts various length range extensions and adapters to change the measuring size of the gage without the loss of accuracy or balance.
  • The independent external centralizer with two fixed carbide ball locators aligns and self-centers the gaging pin and reference contact during operation.
  • The centralizer ensures locating and reading the true diameter.
  • All DBL series gages include carbide centralizing contacts, a .0001" or 0.002mm graduation dial indicator, and fitted wooden storage box.
  • Other options available: carbide or diamond contacts, extra lengths, 2 and 3 point depth stops, choice of any Dorsey "high amplification", "traditional" or digital indicators, single rev models, and digital indicators.