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Dorsey - DBM Bore Gage Set Masters - Adjustable

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  • Bore gages are comparator type instruments used to compare parts being manufactured (unknown sizes) to known dimensions.
  • "Setting" the bore gage to a known dimension requires the use of a reference master.
  • The master ring is the most common type reference master used in industry and each ring is limited to one specific hole size. This means that a master ring inventory can reflect a large investment. 
  • Dorsey’s adjustable bore gage setmasters maintain all the advantages of master rings, but provide the added feature of adjustability.
  • Within the specified capacity of each Dorsey "Setmaster", any dimension can be set by easily adjusting the master to a preset combination of gage blocks.
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  • Only four setmasters are required to cover a range between .25" and 24"
  • Mastering cycle repeatability within .000050"
  • Setting cycle repeatability within ± .00010"
  • Ring correlation accuracy within ± .00010"
  • Used to set Dorsey DBL or DS Series bore gages. 
  • **Can also be used to set many other brands of bore gages