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DELTRONIC - PPM25 Plug Gage Sets (Metric) - 25 Gages in .0025mm Steps

DELTRONIC - PPM25 Plug Gage Sets (Metric) - 25 Gages in .0025mm Steps

Starting at $248.00
PPM25 - Metric "X” PLUS Gage-Sets contain:
  • 25 Piece Set with a Center, Nominal size gage plus 12 SIZES RANGING UPWARD in .0025mm steps above the nominal, and 12 SIZES RANGING DOWNWARD in .0025mm steps below the nominal
  • X" Tolerance PLUS (+0.000040"/-0.00000) Individual Plug Gages
  • *Sets Ship from the Factory in CA


  1. Enter the Nominal Pin Size as instructed below. 
  2. Press the CART Button 
Additional Information +
Enter Nominal (Center) Pin Size (4 digit number and decimal - must end in 0 or 5):
Item No. Size Range NOMINAL Pin falls within (enter Pin Size above then press +CART) Our Price QTY
PPM25-13-3800mm .1300 - .3800mm $376.00
PPM25-3825-6275mm .3825 - .6275mm $346.00
PPM25-63-2.7425mm .6300 - 2.7425mm $248.00
PPM25-2.745-9.8325mm 2.7450 - 9.8325mm $252.00
PPM25-9.835-16.1925 9.8350 - 16.1925mm $264.00
PPM25-16.1950-21.2575mm 16.1950 - 21.2575mm $363.00
PPM25-21.26-25.67mm 21.2600 - 25.6700mm $429.00


  • The Deltronic Class X Gage set is a unique combination of plug gages offering hundreds of combinations for qualifying hole sizes in and around the nominal size.
  • You can choose any combination of Go/ No-go tolerances or use the range to find the exact size of a hole.
  • This provides standards for zeroing comparators, setting snap gages, micrometer checking, hole center and layout determination, precision arbors for staging parts and checking runout of blanks.
  • With more than 10,000 sets available you will find the correct set for any environment and job.