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DELTRONIC - Class X - Individual Plug Gages - in .0025mm increments - (Metric)

DELTRONIC - Class X - Individual Plug Gages - in .0025mm increments - (Metric)

Starting at $17.00

Same-Day-Shipment of more than 10,000 Inch and Metric Sizes Available in every .0025mm step from 0.1000mm thru 25.7000mm

  • Each gage is individually packaged in a plastic hinged-lid Box.
  • "Certificate of Accuracy" included.

    1. Enter the Pin Size as instructed below. 
    2. Choose the Quantity if more than (1).
    Gages are held to size within +.000040"/-.000000 (minus nothing).
  • Sizes from 0.1000” thru 4.572mm do not have a center relief.
  • Size marked Insul-Grips on sizes 0.1000mm thru 1.4960mm”.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Deltronic has a 80.00 List Minimum for their orders, a 10.00 Handling Fee applies to all orders under 80.00 for Deltronic
  1. Press the CART Button.
Additional Information +
Enter Pin Size (must use decimal & 4 digits after decimal - Size must end in .xx00, .xx25, .xx50, .xx75 (ex: 5.4350):
Item No. Size Range PIN falls within (enter Pin Size above then press CART) Material Our Price QTY
DM[.1000-.3800] .1000mm - .3800mm Steel $24.00
DM[.3825-.6275] .3825mm - .6275mm Steel $23.00
DM[.6300-2.7425] .6300mm - 2.7425mm Steel $19.00
DM[2.7450-10.0350] 2.7450mm - 10.0350mm Steel $17.00
DM[10.0375-16.1925] 10.0375mm - 16.1925mm Steel $18.00
DM[16.1950-21.2575] 16.1950mm - 21.2575mm Steel $24.00
DM[21.600-25.7000] 21.2600mm - 25.7000mm Steel $29.00