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TESA - TWIN-CAL Digital Depth Gages - Hook Style

TESA - TWIN-CAL Digital Depth Gages - Hook Style

Starting at $707.00 $601.00
  • Robust construction to ensure longevity and stability of results over time
  • High degree of protection against dust and liquids (even when the data sending cap is connected)
  • Reading comfort with large high-contrast display
  • Comfortable handling with ergonomic grip for ease of use
  • Long battery life avoiding too frequent battery changes
  • Sending values to computer via TLC port (cable or wireless)
  • The range of IP67 calipers guarantees the highest level of protection against the penetration of dust and liquids.
  • The TLC (TESA Link Connector) system built into all the TWIN-CAL calipers provides the connection of these instruments to a PC for the easy acquisition of measurement data. The unique display housing, protected by a steel plate surrounded with a rubber seal guarantees durability and offers fine sensitivity during measurement.
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Item No. Range Hook MSRP Our Price QTY
00530445 0 - 12" One Hook $707.00 $601.00
00530447 0 - 12" Two Hooks $786.00 $668.00
00530446 0 - 20" One Hook $832.00 $707.00

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