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TESA-HITE - Electronic Height Gages - 16 & 28" Ranges

TESA-HITE - Electronic Height Gages - 16 & 28" Ranges

Starting at $4,077.00

TESA-HITE MAGNA (no air cushion)
Its robust magnetic reading system makes it a height gauge for measurements in particularly difficult conditions

TESA-HITE (with air cushion)
Optical reading system for users looking for greater accuracy than its magnetic system counterpart without having to compromise on its long-term

  • These 1D manual height gauges are particularly suitable for harsh conditions.
  • Thanks to their robustness and their high protection level, they are very robust and specifically designed for rough production environments where a high penetration of dust particles and the frequent splashing of liquids (water, oil etc.) are common. 
  • Includes 5mm Probe (00760227) and Setting Master 

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Item No. Range Air Cushion Our Price QTY
00730082 16" / 400mm no Air (MAGNA Model) $4,077.00
00730084 16" / 400mm w/ Air Cushion $5,261.00
00730083 28" / 700mm no Air (MAGNA Model) $4,836.00
00730085 28" / 700mm w/ Air Cushion $6,787.00