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Item #: DCG-200M

Techniquip - Video Pattern Generators - Digital - DCG-200M

Manufacturer: Techniquip
starting at $750.00

Techniquip - Video Pattern Generators - Digital -  DCG-200M

  • Video Crosshair Generators are widely used for a variety of inspection and alignment tasks.
  • They provide a means of precisely determining if items too small to easily view with the naked eye are of the correct size or are in the correct location.
  • TechniQuip’s DCG and DVPG products are very popular with industry due to their ease of use and reliability.


  • Wide Range of Available Patterns
  • Select from solid or dashed lines
  • Stores Settings
  • Lock Feature
  • Video Formats: S-VHS, RS170 Composite


  • Single Fixed Crosshairs
  • Single Crosshair/Concentric Circle
  • Single Crosshair/Dual Concentric Circles
  • Single Crosshair/Concentric Square
  • Single Crosshair/Dual Concentric Squares
  • Dual Moveable Crosshairs
  • Sizeable Rectangle
  • No Pattern (Blank)

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