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Taft Peirce - Slotted Angle Irons

Starting at $873.00
  • Made from class 35-40 cast iron.
  • Heavily proportioned, ribbed for strength & rigidity.
  • Faces and edges ground square and parallel within 0.0005" per 6".
  • Table faces and angle faces have convenient clamping holes and slots for fast work mounting and setups.
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Item No. Model No. (see chart below for details) Our Price QTY
9185-10G 9185-10G $873.00
9185-12G 9185-12G $1,112.00
9185-16G 9185-16G $2,031.00
9185-18G 9185-18G $1,360.00
9185-20G 9185-20G $2,266.00
9185-22G 9185-22G $3,819.00
9185-26G 9185-26G $6,144.00