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Item #: GS

Starrett Webber - Gage Block Stones

Manufacturer: Starrett

Must Select: Gage Block Maintanance Items
starting at $75.00
If a block does not wring together with other blocks, it may be the result of nicks or other damage. Examine blocks carefully with a magnifying glass. If a small burr is found, it may be removed with a gage block stone. Starrett-Webber stones, when used moderately, may be rubbed directly on the gaging surfaces without danger of decreasing the size of the gage block. Available in 3 styles/materials as listed.
  • GS 13 is recommended for use with steel gage blocks
  • SAO 13 is recommended for general use with steel, ceramic, or carbide blocks
  • SAO 23 is recommended for use with carbide and ceramic gage blocks