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Starrett - Granite Surface Plate Cleaners

Starting at $61.00

For Maintenance and Preservation of Granite Surfaces

  • Helps keep surface plates and other precision granite products in top condition
  • Prevents abrasion of tools by dirt and other foreign particles
  • The Cleaner, which also acts as a degreaser and rust inhibitor, should be used without water to minimize risk of rusting tools.
  • Contains no Class 1 ozone depleting chemicals
Item Package/Type Our Price QTY
G-81822 1 Gal. Sprayable (qty. 4) $150.80
G-81824 1 Quart Sprayable (qty. 12) $187.20
G-81828 1 Lb. Jar Waterless Cleaner (qty. 12) $183.25