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Reprorubber - PUTTY Casting Material

Reprorubber - PUTTY Casting Material

Starting at $119.00

Reprorubber Casting Material - Exotic Metrology-Grade Rubber

  • Convenient, easy to use. Quick replicas with zero shrinkage.
  • Self-Curing in Minutes
  • Virtually Perfect Replica Casting of Internal and External Forms
  • Non-Toxic - Easy To Use - 100 Times Faster Than RTV Silicones
  • No Release Agent is Ever Needed.
  • Excellent For Checking Parts With Optical Comparators!
    Final Color - LIGHT BLUE Roll two equal-sized balls of catalyst putty and base putty and simply knead them together like dough. Excellent for external shapes. 
  • Simply spread over master pushing down with fingers and wait for cure 8-10 minutes. You have 3 or 4 minutes of manipulation time, therefore 14 minutes start to finish. 
  • You can also cast internal shapes and cavities but some pressure should be applied such as a weighted object on top.
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Item No. Kits Our Price QTY
16129 220ML KIT $119.00
16130 1 3/4 LB KIT $269.00
16131 7 LB KIT $850.00