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Renishaw - Resting Cones

Starting at $7.25

This cone is ideal for resting or locating parts with a single point of contact and without marking their surface. It is recommended for use on CMMs and the Equator™ gauging system.

Replacement for old R&R part number: RCD-20

Item No. Thread Size Type Remarks Our Price QTY
R-RCD-6 M6 Derlin Ø16mm × 13mm $9.50
R-RCA-6 M6 Aluminum Ø25mm x 19mm $26.00
R-RCS-6 M6 Steel Ø16mm × 13mm $13.25
R-RCD-8 M8 Derlin Ø16mm × 13mm $9.50
R-RCA-8 M8 Aluminum Ø25mm x 19mm $26.00
R-RCS-8 M8 Steel Ø16mm × 13mm $13.25
R-RCD-20 1/4 - 20 Derlin Ø0.625" x 0.50" $7.25