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Renishaw - Micro Vise Clamps

Renishaw - Micro Vise Clamps

Starting at $122.00
  • This micro vise clamp with base is used to hold cylindrical and tubular parts horizontally or vertically.
  • It is recommended for use on CMMs, the Equator™ gauging system, and vision and multi-sensor machines.
  • Note: Included: socket head cap screws and washers.
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Thread Size:
Item No. Thread Size Our Price QTY
R-CVM-4 M4 $122.00
R-CVM-B-4 M4 w/base $153.00
R-CVM-6 M6 $124.00
R-CVM-B-6 M6 w/base $156.00
R-CVM-20 1/4 - 20 $122.00
R-CVM-B-20 1/4 - 20 w/base $153.00


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