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Renishaw - M6 Thread Steel Standoffs

Starting at $12.25
  • This aluminium standoff is ideal to elevate and locate parts.
  • It is black anodized and recommended for use on CMMs, the Equator™ gauging system, and vision and multi-sensor machines.
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Item No. Dia. x Height Our Price QTY
R-S-610-6* 6.4mm x 10mm $12.50
R-S-625-6* 6.4mm x 25mm $13.75
R-S-95-6* 9.5mm x 5mm $12.75
R-S-910-6 9.5mm x 10 $12.75
R-S-915-6 9.5mm x 15mm $15.25
R-S-920-6 9.5mm x 20mm $14.50
R-S-925-6 9.5mm x 25mm $14.50
R-S-1310-6 12.7mm x 10mm $11.75
R-S-1315-6 12.7mm 15mm $12.75
R-S-1320-6 12.7mm 20mm $13.25
R-S-1325-6 12.7mm x 25mm $13.50
R-S-1350-6 12.7mm 50mm $12.75
R-S-13100-6 12.7mm x 100mm $16.50
R-S-13150-6 12.7mm x 150mm $22.00
R-S-1910-6 19.1mm x 10mm $12.25
R-S-1915-6 19.1mm x 15mm $12.50
R-S-1920-6 19.1mm x 20mm $13.25
R-S-1925-6 19.1mm x 25mm $13.75
R-S-1950-6 19.1mm x 50mm $14.75
R-S-19100-6 19.1mm x 100mm $15.25
R-S-19150-6 19.1mm x 150mm $22.50
R-S-2515-6 25.4mm x 15mm $11.50
R-S-2520-6 25.4mm x20mm $12.75
R-S-2525-6 25.4mm x 50mm $13.25
R-S-25100-6 25.4mm 100mm $15.75
R-S-25150-6 25.4mm x 150mm $25.25
R-S-3825-6 38.1mm x 25mm $21.00
R-S-3850-6 38.1mm x 50mm $26.25