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RAYCO - Standoffs - M4 Thread

Starting at $13.50

M4 Thread w/ 12mm, 13mm, 19mm, 6mm & 9mm Diameters

Item No. Type Diameter Height Remarks Our Price QTY
R4-65-SO Standard 6mm 5mm $11.50
R4-610-SO Standard 6mm 10mm $12.00
R4-620-SO Standard 6mm 20mm $12.50
R4-625-SO Standard 6mm 25mm $13.00
R4-6-M Magnetic 6mm 25mm $27.50
R4-95-SO Standard 9mm 5mm $12.00
R4-910-SO Standard 9mm 10mm $12.50
R4-920-SO Standard 9mm 20mm $13.00
R4-925-SO Standard 9mm 25mm $13.50
R4-125-SO Standard 12mm 5mm $12.00
R4-1210-SO Standard 12mm 10mm $13.00
R4-1220-SO Standard 12mm 20mm $13.50
R4-1225-SO Standard 12mm 25mm $14.00
R4-13-M Magnetic 13mm 25mm $35.00
R4-14-SOA Magnetic 19mm 15mm w/ M4 Male thread and M4 Female thread $15.40