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RAYCO - Tension Spring Clamps - 1/4 - 20" Thread

Starting at $24.00

Sizes Include: Mini, Small, and Large.

Other Options: Wire, Rubber tipped and Plunger type.

Post Height: Short or Long 

Tension Spring Type:
Post Height:
Item No. Tension Spring Type Post Height Tip Remarks Our Price QTY
R20-MTS-1 Mini Short Standard 1in Post $27.00
R20-MTS-2 Mini Long Standard 2in Post $29.00
R20-MTS-1-RT Mini Short Rubber Tipped 1in Post $27.00
R20-MTS-2-RT Mini Long Rubber Tipped 2in Post $30.00
R20-STS-15 Small Short Standard 1-1/2in Post $24.00
R20-STS-3 Small Long Standard 3in Post $25.00
R20-STS-15-RT Small Short Rubber Tipped 1-1/2in Post $25.00
R20-STS-3-RT Small Long Rubber Tipped 3in Post $26.00
R20-LTS-15 Large Short Standard 1-1/2in Post w/ 2.30in Tension Arm $26.00
R20-LTS-3 Large Long Standard 3in Post $28.00
R20-LTS-15-RT Large Short Rubber Tipped 1-1/2in Post $27.00
R20-LTS-3-RT Large Long Rubber Tipped 3in Post $29.00
R20-XLTSP X-Large Long Plunger 3in Post w/ 3.625in Tension Arm $58.00
R20-XLTS X-Large Long Standard 3in Post w/ 3.42in Spring Arm $48.00