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Phillips Precision - Trigger-Finger™ (Set of 4) - TRFN-20

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Trigger-Finger™ (Set of 4) - TRFN-20

  • Trigger-Finger™ attaches to a shaft and grips to the shaft to hold parts down.
  • It can be adjusted in seconds to any part, from tall to very flat pieces held close to the plate. 
  • To change parts, simply turn the finger away from the part and the Trigger-Finger™ will stay in place while the part is swapped.
  • It will not release and will not need to be readjusted.
  • The gripping edge of the Trigger-Finger™ works like a spring to secure and release your work. 
  • Part change-over is one-handed with no need for tools and tape.
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TRFN-20 $112.00