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Phillips Precision - Stand-Off Sets

Phillips Precision - Stand-Off Sets

Starting at $870.00
  • MAGNETIC RISER SET - Magnetic clamping allows for unlimited probe access and MORE holding options for steel parts during CMM inspection. Combine with stand-offs and other work-holding kits for fixture building. (1/4-20 or M6 threads)
  • STAND-OFF & REST PAD SET - High quality stand-offs and rest pads add flexibility to CMM fixture design. Made of plastic and steel with 1/4-20 threads for inch and M6 threads for metric. Combine with Starter, Complete and The Works kits.
  • ENHANCED STAND-OFF SET - Enhance other work holding with articulating height adjusters and stand-offs that can be angled in any direction. This set adds flexibility to inspection setups. Plastic and steel with 1/4-20 or M6 threads. Combine with other kits for added versatility.
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Item No. Description Thread Our Price QTY
MAGN-SET-30 Magnetic Riser Set - 23 pc. 1/4-20 $1,495.00
STOF-SET-30 Stand-Off Set - 37 pc. 1/4-20 $995.00
STOFE-SET-30 Enhanced Stand-Off Set - 16 pc. 1/4-20 $870.00