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Phillips Precision - Adapter Plates

Phillips Precision - Adapter Plates

Starting at $119.00

Inspection Arsenal® 

  • Convert your existing fixtures for use with the LEAN concepts of Loc-N-Load with this simple, affordable adapter. 
  • Plate is 1/2″ or 3/8" clear anodized aluminum and comes with 10-32 FHMS screws.
  • Now it’s easier than ever to adapt your inspection fixtures to the LEANest option on the market. 
  • Fastening this .5″ thick aluminum adapter plate to existing fixtures allows you to “dock” them into the Loc-N-Load docking rail. 
  • Make use of existing fixtures while adopting the newest LEAN concepts for inspection.
  • Dimensions: 6"L x 1"W x 1/2"D (or 3/8")
Item No. Dimensions Our Price QTY
LNL-ADPT-06 6 x 6 x .500" $119.00
LNL-ADPT-06-375 6 x 6 x .375" $119.00