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Ono Sokki - Larger Ceramic Base Gauge Stand - for all Indicator stem sizes - ST-044B

Starting at $2,145.00
  • Highly accurate gauge stand with state of the art ceramic base.
  • This ceramic base provides excellent durability and resistance to wear. It is free from problems such as rust and marring. Original list price $1,950.00

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ST-044B $2,145.00


  • Designed for extremely stable and accurate measurements
  • Uses the latest state of the art Ceramics for durability and flatness
  • Much more durable than granite and steel bases
  • Serrated base assures stable and accurate measurements.
  • 4.1" x 4.1" (105mm x 105mm) surface area
  • For Gage stem diameters 15 to 20 mm
  • 3/8", 8mm and 10mm stem bushing options available.