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Ono Sokki - EG225 Digital Indicator - EG-225

Ono Sokki - EG225 Digital Indicator - EG-225

Starting at $620.00
  • A stem, back and body that satisfy AGD Group 2 specifications and make the EG-225 directly interchangeable with existing mechanical gauges.
  • Combined with commercially available fixture, the EG-225 can be used as a depth gauge or snap gauge.
  • Selectable English or metric unit.
  • Three measurement functions: Normal, Absolute Zero and Preset.
  • Switched mode display of maximum, minimum and range. (1 revolution TIR)
  • Dual power supply enables operation from either an AC line or self-contained battery.
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EG-225 $620.00


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  • Preset capability
  • Zero / ABS function
  • AGD Group II dimensions
  • +/- Direction changeover
  • Output capability
  • Reverse display option available
  • TIR ( Max. - Min. = Range )
  • Standard accessories: Finger lifter, AC adapter, lug back and contact point


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