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ONO SOKKI - Color Changing GO/NOGO Comparator - DG-4340

ONO SOKKI - Color Changing GO/NOGO Comparator - DG-4340

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  • The DG-4320/4340 Digital gauge counters display and calculate the measured values from linear gauge sensors.
  • In addition to four basic functions (Multiplication switching, factor setting, offset setting and number of decimal place setting), new features such as calculation display function and condition memory function are equipped.
  • It helps in-line measurement to work at production site efficiently.
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DG-4340 $855.00




  • English or Metric display readings
  • Compatible with all past to present Ono Sokki Gage Sensors with the exception of the GS-3800 series sensors.
  • Resolutions : 0.0005 in, 0.00005 in, 0.01mm, 0.001mm, 0.0005mm
  • Instantaneous value, Max value, Min value, RANGE value (Max value Min value)
  • Back lit color changing GO / NOGO display (Quick easy set up)
  • Offset setting, Factor setting, Multiplication switching, Number of decimal place setting
  • RS-232C / USB Option available
  • "DG-0430 (Detector power supply supporting connection with encoders: DC12 V, 150 mA power supply)
  • CE Marking, RoHS