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OASIS - Corex2 - Automatic Optical Smart Inspection System - (3.25" x 2.60") FOV

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Reduce Measurement Time with the Industry’s Fastest Inspection System!

  • OASIS Inspection Systems CoreX2 is an optical inspection system designed to measure larger parts. - A 2D measurement optical inspection system with a fixed field of view, designed to measure precision parts fast.

    ▶ Instantly and simultaneously measures all the dimensions on a part with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.0002 inches.

    ▶ Automatic focus and lighting.

    ▶ Combines accuracy and precision with a fast, easy-to-use operator interface.

    ▶ Features the most reliable quality assurance software in the industry which captures a part image and converts it into real-time, dimensional

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  • Field of View: (3.25" x 2.60")
  • Accurate to +/–0.0002 Inches
  • Simplifies Complex Measurements
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Automatic Inspection Reporting
  • Instant Measurements
  • Data Exportable to SPC Software
  • User Friendly Full-Feature Software
  • OASIS-Link File Linking