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MUELLER - 179 Series Parallel Movement Groove Gage

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  • Precision Linear Guide Movement
  • Full 1" Travel (interaction) for deep grooves and recesses
  • Measuring tips remain parallel throughout entire travel
  • Large Standard Diameter range from .290-7.900" - Larger range available with optional long lover reference bar.
  • Adjustable Gaging Pressure
  • Complete range of standard 2 point and 3 point contact measuring tips available from stock with inreach up to 4 1/2 ". Tips are hardened, precision ground & hard chrome plated for long wear life.
  • Special & modified standard measuring tips available for special applications.
    Weight of gage rests on stationary lower measuring tip - reduces possibility of operator error.
  • Gage quickly & easily set with 1/4" travel fine adjustment.
  • Set with micrometer, gage blocks, ring gage or qualified part.
  • May be used with our 1400 series carbide ball measuring tips to check pitch diameters of gears, splines, ball races & dovetails.
  • Supplied with AGD Group 1 .0005" dial indicator. .0001" & metric indicators available.
  • Gage may be used with any AGD Group II style (2 1/4" dia.) Electronic digital indicator with SPC output.
  • Fitted storage case available for gage and accessories.
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179 w/ .0005" Dial Indicator add Measuring Tips in CART Contact us for a Quote
179-0001 w/ .0001" Dial Indicator add Measuring Tips in CART Contact us for a Quote